Efret Limited

Address: Basepoint Bournemouth
Enterprise Way
Aviation Park West
Postcode: BH23 6NX
Other Branches: Santiago Rusiñol 93-96, 1º- 8,
Pineda de Mar 08397, Spain
Email: Contact This Company
Telephone: 01202 331650
Website: More info click here!
Freight Types: International freight, Sea freight
Coverage: European
Max Length in Metres You Can Haul: 20
Max Weight in Tonnes : 1.2
Efret Limited
Transport Description
European Road Freight Transportation specialist Efret's Refrigerated Freight services are available throughout most of Europe. On certain routes, we can accommodate single or dual temperature full trailer load (FTL) consignments of chilled and/or frozen palletised products. Efret covers all 27 EU Member States, and specialises in the 'longer' Southern or Eastern European journeys.